Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Create Your Own Google Logo

Today room 9 & 10  had 2 special guests Makayla and Nathan. Makayla and Nathan are from OMG tech. OMG tech is a coding company.  If you don't know what coding is, here is you answer. Coding is where you can make you own games you can also play on other peoples games that they have made their self. One of the games that I played was Create our own google logo. Create your own google logo is when you can do anything.  You can change the color, you can do anything to the letters, you can even make them move.  Also even change the background. I made my own google logo, my google logo was representing out topic for this term which is musical madness. Create your own google logo was a cool game to play. I loved creating my own logo.     

Thursday, 7 December 2017

My Ambassador Application

This is my ambassador application for 2018. My video is about myself, my family, my school learning and why I want to be an Ambassador. I really hope I will get chosen to become an ambassador because it will help my school learning and my confidence. My confidence is not that bad but I would love to see how my confidence will evolve during the year. If I become an ambassador I would be a role model to all my little sisters. I will also help them if they want to apply. I look up to my older brother because he became an ambassador. Now it is 2017 and next year my brother is a prefect which are the leaders of our school. My brother is the perfect person to look up to because he is confident. He can be shy sometimes but he still gives it a go. Hope you enjoy my movie!!

How I Show Learn, Create and Share

This is one of my favorite blog posts that I have learnt, created and shared. In this blog post we have learnt about cloths and materials from back in the days and from nowadays. We had to research about what types of costume are appropriate for a scene in our mini production. We also had to find out when sewing was invented and who it was invented by. There are some links to some websites that we found and have shared with all of you (slide 7).

This presentation was created in extension by me, Eden, Pisirina and Makayla. The reflection is about our production that the yr 5&6 extension group preformed to the whole school. Our production was about some kids who traveled back in time. They found this weird shell and all of a sudden they went back in time. They went to the islands, to the 60's and even the future it was so cool.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Term 4 Animation

This is my term 4 animation. My animation is called Ole Pepe.
hope you enjoy!

O le Pepe - music/words by Ester Temukisa Laban-Alama

Term 4 Extension Animation

This is my term 4 extension animation.  My animation is about how a guitar works. Hop you enjoy!

Soundtrack By: Jahzara

Why music is so powerful to me?

Music is powerful because music is passionate to some people like to me. Music sometimes can make you cry, feel happy, angry and shocked. To me music controls my feeling. Sometimes when a sad song is played I can't hold back. I start  to cry. music sometimes even help me to concentrate. Anyways that is why music is so powerful to me.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Immersion Assembly

Welcome everybody to a new start. It’s time for term 4!! Our theme for this term is musical madness. It might of been easy to guess we are going to be learning about music!! Anyways i’m not here to talk about what the theme for this term i’m here to talk about our immersion assembly.

Walking to the hall I was so excited to be back at school. We walked in and saw teachers all dressed up with some musical instruments. Mr Burt was dressed up as Bob Marley. Anyways it was time for team 1. Team 1 played with cards, they played snap. While they were playing they put on some music. When the music was played they changed their emotions so they changed the songs again and their emotions changed again. Finally it was over, once it was over Mrs Hockley said this term we are going to be seeing how music changes our emotions. I thought that was a great idea.

Next was team 2!! Team two’s item was about making music with musical instruments. They sang a song and also played musical instruments they sang in the jungle the mighty jungle. Ms Gaston played the ukulele. Miss Peck played the tambourine. Ms Tumahai played the xylophone, and Mrs Nalder played the bongo drums. It was a great way to start off the term.

You know what i’m going to say it’s time for team 3!! Team 3 did a song story. A song story is when you say something but carries on with a song. Team three’s  item was funny and really cool. My favorite song that they used was me myself and I. My favourite part in the movies was when Miss Davis pretended she was hanging from the roof. Don’t worry it was a green screen.

Now it was time for, team 4!! Team four did carpool karaoke. It was quit funny. Anyways as they were driving music came on and the teachers started singing. As the music changed it got funnier and funnier. My favourite song was one of the rock songs Because all the teachers were really funny and crazy. Then it was over and finally I could stop laughing.

It’s time for team 5. Team 5 was the funniest item that i’ve seen. Team 5 teacher did an  act. Team 5 watched a movie the movie was lion king. Team 5 didn’t watch the whole movie they just watched the part where Simba was put up in the air while the kingdom sang a song. As the movie played on that part of the movie kept repeating and repeating. While the song kept changing and changing. The songs were sometimes funny, sad and quit even funnier. The funniest song was let it go because when Simba got put up into the air the song kept saying let it go! Some people laughed but some people were a little sad.

Anyway that was the end of the immersion assemble. I hope you enjoyed reading about the immersion assembly.