Thursday, 15 February 2018

A Polluted futuer

Walt: use what we already know to make meaning within a story.

Task discription:

Today room 7 has been learning about pollution. We added pictures on our slide to make a photo look polluted. Pretend you are on a holiday and your holiday is in a polluted area (Photo on slide). Send a letter to a friend about what you have experienced on your holiday. Explain what you are feeling.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Silver medal problem

Walt: build a stronger knowledge base around time.

Task description:

Complete the presentation above. Answer the question on the slide and explain how you worked it out in your math book and by using your own words then add answers to slide. This is the silver medal problem, I have completed the bronze medal and silver presentation. This presentation is based on time and also school.

Friday, 9 February 2018

All About my group

Walt: follow instructions and present work to a high standard.

Task Description:

 We hade to explain what our group is about (Camera). We had to also take pictures to to explain what our experiences are with cameras and what are cameras used for.  We also had give advice to others who use cameras. Like what they shouldn't do and how they should look after cameras.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Telling the time

Walt: Build a stronger knowledge base around time.

Task Description:

For math, we have been learning about time. We have been writing the digital form and the written form. Mr Goodwin has given us questions on a clock and we have to figure out what the time is in a digital form and the written form. There are different medal problems, there is a bronze medal problem, silver medal problem and a gold medal problem. I have done the bronze medal problem.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Learning about time

WALT: build a stronger knowledge base around time.

Task Description:

For this task we had to learn how to tell the time better. We wrote the analog, digital and written  form of time.  We also attempt Bronze, Silver and gold problems. I got up to the silver problem.

Start to 2018

WALT: Make sure that I am being Cyber-smart

Task Description:
For this task we had to make a copy of the presentation above. We filled out each slide and wrote about things that related to us or our families. We had to use different online tools to do so.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

What a crazy day!!

I't started off like a normal day. My cousins, sibling and I sitting on our devised staring at our screens, but then I remembered that my mum, dad and I were going to my aunty and uncles house to make sure we keep in contact with each other, have a feed and discuses about my dad's best friend's weeding. My mum and dad were going to pick me up from my nana's house at half past 3 so we can go to my aunty's house.  Once half past 3 came around my mum and dad came to pick me up. First we went to the super market to pick up a couple of things for the feed. Looking around for some things to bring we had no idea what to bring so we rang them to see what the needed. While we rand my aunty we saw a lady with her pet. Does anyone have any idea of what it could be? Well she had some type of lizard. I think it was a bearded dragon. We asked her if we could touch her pet lizard and she said yes. It took me a while to get over myself because I was terrified. After a while I decided to touch her pet. The bearded dragon had spikes on the top of it's body. When I felt the top it felt spiky and a bit rough. I never thought I would ever touch something like that before. Back to the feed with my aunty and uncle. We looked and looked then found all the things that we needed. We bought them and off we went.

Once we got to my aunty and uncles house we started to cook up some food on the BBQ. My parents talked and talked and I had nothing to do. My cousin Mercy is a bit shy but once she got her kite out she started to play with me more. Finally I had something to do. While playing with the kite my other aunty and uncle turned up. We played with the kite for a long time, but suddenly it got stuck in a tree! We had so much fun. The kite went way up into the sky. After Mercy took me into her room and showed me around. Mercy is pretty smart for a 3 year old. Mercy showed me her toys and her bed. After that me and her played with some of her toys until it was time to eat. My mum called us to the table then we said the prayer to bless the food then ate. We had so much yummy food. My favorite food was as always chicken nibbles. They were so yummy. After we ate we went outside and played with her kinetic sand. It was so much fun until it got stuck to our hands. We got so messy. After a while we had to go so we said goodbye and left. I had such a good time.